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About the Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate Program in Medieval Studies offers an interdisciplinary major and minor, which allow students to explore the history, literature, art, philosophy, theology and cultural production of the Middle Ages in an integrated and nuanced fashion, through engagement with a diverse array of textual and material artifacts. Graduates from the Medieval Studies Program have gone on to excel in a variety of fields inside and outside of academia. A Medieval Studies degree not only helps you stand out in the crowd, but teaches you critical analytical skills that will aid your future, whether it be in history, politics, or fiction writing!

Hear from our faculty about our courses and major!

Students interested in majoring in Medieval Studies should consult the program director by Autumn Quarter of their third year. Students interested in the minor should consult the program director by Spring Quarter of their third year.

The program requires all majors to participate in a one-quarter reading and research course, usually in Winter Quarter of their fourth year, with the faculty member who has agreed to advise them in planning and writing the B.A. paper; students should register for a reading course in this faculty member's department. Depending upon the nature of the B.A. paper, students may wish to select a second reader from another field or discipline. The Director of the Program in Medieval Studies will also serve as a reader of all B.A. papers.

Students who plan to apply to graduate school in a field related to Medieval Studies are strongly encouraged to acquire reading competence in at least one medieval language, such as Latin, Old French, Occitan, Old English, or Classical Arabic.